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We're in a very dangerous time, because, seemingly, a big percentage of the country simply doesn't care. They've got their beer, their TV shows, and the Prez and his wife look pretty cool. On top of that, a big part of the media and the entertainment world happily joins in the effort to lull them to sleep. Want a few more of our civil liberties, Mr. President? Sure, no problem -- go ahead and take them. Too busy to really pay attention when our embassy's being attacked? Aw, that's OK -- it's just the Republicans trying to make a big deal out of it, anyway. Oh, and Mr. Obama, you say you want a third term? Well, sure, no problem - we'll make it work.
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Is Christianity Homophobic?

Missourimule2 Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 8:48 AM
This question, this issue, totally convolutes the true question: the question of who is of prime importance, Jesus, or Man. The better question is, "is Homosexuality in opposition to Christ?" Is it consistent with the teachings of the Bible - either Old or New Testament? Homosexuality, and our "proper" respect for it, is not the goal we should be striving for . . . . . pleasing Christ is.
Must be a pretty severe problem -- there's not even a column here --
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New Song, New Singers

Missourimule2 Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 7:13 AM
Absolutely 'spot on', Michael. In fact, I've been responding to FNC's Facebook posts, etc., with much the same response lately. F'rinstance, how many times do we think listening to Karl Rove and Joe Trippi is really, really insightful, when they end up saying the same things, in the same manner, with the same gestures, time after time? And Hannity? and O'Reilly? Forget it -- haven't watched them in years, and I won't. Their shows are simply vehicles for them to "bloviate", as O'Reilly would like to say, and Hannity's idea of 'debate' is similar to driving a bulldozer over a Volkswagen. FOX NEWS made it big, but they haven't grown - haven't "evolved". And they're going to lose market share ---
There's something seriously missing in this story. Home schooling is growing by leaps and bounds in the US, without any government harassment or interference - there's no prohibition against home schooling here. These people are, as far as I understand, German citizens, applying for political asylum on the grounds that they're not allowed to home school their kids in Germany? That should be grounds for granting political asylum? I don't think so.
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Et Tu, Rand Paul?

Missourimule2 Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 4:09 PM
A simple cue to "how badly I want the job". Rare is the politician (if any) who will seriously stand by a position, if he determines that 'evolving' might gain him a new voting block. On our side, those who can, should probably be ministers, rather than politicians . . . . which, in the long run, is a much more honorable and valuable career.
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Question John Kerry Long and Hard!

Missourimule2 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:33 PM
Kerry will skate through -- the Republicans got Rice - as they should have - but they won't have the courage to go after two nominees in a row, no matter who The Ugly American nominates.
John McCain, you're right, and it doesn't matter -- your words carry no weight, because you have no consistency. We don't know who you are. You've gone from a conservative to Barack's best buddy, to the Press' lap dog, to whatever anyone wants you to be at the moment -- you are the consummate politician that everyone is supposed to hate -- talking out of many and varied sides of your mouth. John, just pick a side - none of us care which - and stick with it.
And by the way -- we love to talk about our "flawed" candidate. How could any candidate have been more flawed than Obama? Trillions in debt -- Obamacare -- a terrible record in National Security, and the cloudiest "open administration" in recent memory. We should have trounced him. But, my fellow Republicans -- you went into a pout, because Ron Paul wasn't running, or Rick Santorum, or whoever "your" favorite candidate was. Romney wasn't "really" a conservative (like Obama is), so you stayed home, waiting for that perfect candidate. Millions of Republicans didn't vote -- didn't care if Obama was re-elected . . . so, he was. We can't blame anyone but ourselves.
I'm sorry, but I vehemently disagree with this premise, as stated in Mr. York's article: "Romney is an able, accomplished, intelligent and hard-working man, but Republicans knew from the start he was an imperfect candidate. During the primaries, GOP voters tried every alternative possible before finally settling on Romney. He remained a flawed candidate in the general election." The intent of every primary -- Republican or Democrat - is to pick the best candidate from those who are in the running . . . . that's what we did. And then, we told everyone that would listen, that he wasn't good enough. WE beat our own candidate. We'll never win, as long as we have "loser" stamped on our voter registrations.
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Ron Paul, American Hero

Missourimule2 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 7:39 PM
Ron Paul could have been an "American Hero", if he could have ever beaten back his inner dingbat - but too often, that was the persona that rose to the surface and destroyed what good ideas he could have had. Was this a great speech? Absolutely - but his strange goofiness and his weird ideas that went right alongside his good ones made it impossible for him to accomplish what he could have.
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