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Good morning to all in Bubbaland, where everyone is a greater patriot than Patrick Henry ("Give me a tax cut, or give me death") and everyone is a veritable John Galt. Townhall Darlings, if you find your poll numbers up by six percent for greater than four hours... Please call your doctor.
Darling, I am so tired of sleeping with politicians! In exchange for positions they offer a better tomorrow. I alway give in and compromise. You would too!
Darling, pour me another drink! Doug Giles is a Right Wing Nut Christian who probably thinks President Bush is the Heavenly appointed Jesus Christ that takes a scheduled trip back to Earth. Would somebody please remind the Jewish people! Full of so much clap trap and Right Wing platitudes that Timothy McVey would have loved to be a guest on......wait for it..wait for it.... The Doug Giles show. kiss kiss
Snap snap little Townhall Darlings! Simply hilarious, Giles has now joined the pathetic ranks of those attempting to make conservative christian fundamentalism "hip". His grand strategy? To make forced, unfunny pop-culture references in tandem his gestapo-like "call to arms" against the evil forces of the liberal and the secular, who are intent on turning the USA into another decadent Rome and destroying Christianity, of course. He turns out to be as hip and inviting to the youth of today as the "rapping grandma" in the latest teen comedy, yet this grandma turns out to be a rabid Phyllis Schlafly. Avoid like the plague.
Darling, it is Saturday nite. You need a good stiff drink and then get laid!
We get it. Republicans are panicking because after blowing their edge as "fiscally responsible" back in 2008, they have also lost the one item on the political agenda they thought they had a lock on...national security...and are now screaming & whining as loud as they can thinking that will win hearts and minds.
The idea that any President can foresee attacks is woefully ignorant of history. The idea that they should be blamed for attacks means we have to start blaming an awful lot of Presidents including FDR, James Madison, and George W. Bush among others.
Townhall darlings, I need another cocktail! And so, what is the America public supposed to do? Get all upset because a President cannot magically foresee terrorist attacks? You mean like the way George W. paid attention to warnings of an attack within our borders back in 2001? Did Bush's two wars do anything to quell terrorism? Arab animosity towards the Western world and vice versa goes back to the Crusades.
Darling, it is Friday and I have nothing to wear tonite! Bush was the front man for a conservative revival, which was supposed to vindicate Reaganomics and benefit the economy. Instead, it was a disaster. I wonder if Mitt Romney is available for dating?
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