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Darling, care to share the daily treatment of your own personal black female slave? God bless George Washington! Slave Management 101
Conservatives have made it very clear who you are as a qu.eer. . Duke it out with them. The jury is in regarding Conservatism and qu.eers.
Darling, you are trailer trash from Wyoming! I highly recommend that you return to the Liberal Progressive Plantation.
You need to ask yourself and family members regarding your important questions.
I care what Conservatives say about you and Homosexuality. Darling, don't even try being a jerk with me.
AmyDB states,"Out of your mouth comes the hate from the left for someone who refuses to be a plantation slave.. BTW you forgot to also insult my Faith....in case you forgot I'm Heathen." ...... It is interesting to note your deliberate omission regarding Conservatives who scorn, ridicule,detest and ostracize you as a lesbian. I have not even mentioned Christians. You do know the score.
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Fundamentalist? Fine by Me

Miss_Sharon_DeaWealth Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 12:38 AM
The nut does not fall far from the tree. Book of Genesis 3:1 through 3:24
It amazes me that Uber Dave is a self avowed Christian. The total lunacy of,"Liberalism 101".
Darling, be nice. I can safely say that I love your intellectual prowess.
There is a valid reason why people hate lawyers.
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