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USMCpgw, the face of Conservatism!
The Democratic party,Progressives, and Liberals could give a Fock about you Carlita. Carlita, Townhall is your limited audience in which to post your craap.
Obama does not have all the facts. Our President is being judicious. Forget the cowboy antics.
Group A deems Group B to be evil. Group B deems Group A to be evil.
Obama is President of the United States of America. You are a blogger that posts 24/7 under homosex articles. You really need to get a life.
Working conditions and compensation in China are still miserable as the result of unfettered unbriddled capitalism. Socialist dictatorship versus capitalistic dictatorship
Lord have mercy! Cal, usmcpgw, and Anderson. A Townhall threeway! LOL!
Darling, I love tracking your posts. Propagandist Extraordinaire!
Mental health and gun control will be the issue.
Anderson states,"sick" Anderson, tell us what you really think about AmyDB. Don't be shy, you know her heart and prayers.
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