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Marriage Equality to Triumph in 4 States

Mirna Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 9:38 AM
Yeah, just like in all those other countries and states that have had marriage equality legal for years.... please name one where this has happened! I'm sorry, it's you conservatives who have this unhealthy fixation on marrying children, animals, close relatives and inanimate objects. The consequence in every country or jurisidiction with same-sex marriage has been one thing and one thing only, two consenting adults can enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of marriage regardless of their sex. Have a nice day :)
way2smart4u Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 12:10 PM
Mirna, you need to get out a little more often and try actually reading a newspaper sometime. And, please, name some of these other countries that have had homosexual "marriage" for years. BTW, Mirna, maybe YOU have the unhealthy fixation on marrying children, animals, relatives, etc., as I never even mentioned these and my comment on bestiality would not be an "unhealthy fixation", but a healthy aversion to the very idea. Sincerely sorry about your lame views.

With almost all polls closed, it looks like same-sex marriage bills in Maryland, Maine and Washington have all passed to allow same-sex marriage. In most of these states this was an easy win. In Minnesota, the vote was a vote to ban same-sex marriage. It looks like most likely the ban will not pass, but it is still very close.

This is a huge victory for marriage-equality groups and many people have taken to twitter to show their support. After Politico announce the win in Maryland, many celebrities and marriage equality supporters showed their approval.

Traditional marriage supporters...