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America Needs a New Birth of Freedom

mirden Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 7:15 AM
A Chicago Tribune editorial even accused Obama-the-filth of being a “gutless sheep” for missing a vote on crime legislation in late 1999." 1999: The-Colossal-Lying-Deceiving-Actor-Liar-in-Chief BH-Obama wouldn’t support tougher prosecution for school shooters ! "1999, Ill-St-Sntr Barack Obama voted “present” on SB-759 that would require adult prosecution of anyone 15 yrs-age or older for discharging a gun within 1000-ft of a school. It passed the Ill-St-Senate 52-1 ! Start getting this highly-revealing-deservedly-undermining story out everywhere about, The Colossal-Lying-Deceiving-Actor-US-Traitor-Liar-in-Chief BH-Obamination !

Journalist Bill Moyers, who worked as an assistant to President Lyndon Johnson, shared memories in a column last year about how his old boss thought about our entitlement programs.

It was under Johnson, who championed the "Great Society" in the 1960s, that a good portion of the runaway government spending we are trying to get under control today originated.

Johnson signed into law Medicare, Medicaid, the War on Poverty programs, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Moyers recounted that for Johnson, Social Security and Medicare "were about a lot more than economics."

He recalls a time when the Johnson administration was...