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No, we do not need more immigrants from anywhere especially south of the border. What is wrong with a decrease in our population? Are we supposed to continue to allow in millions of immigrants until life in the US looks like India? Why? We are already experiencing water shortages and other stresses on our natural resources. What is the point of leaving the floodgates open for millions more who want a 'better life'? Let them create a better life for themselves in their home countries. If actual Americans were not working constantly to pay the taxes for all the services and benefits these immigrants require, perhaps thry would have more time and energy to devote to reproducing.
Looks like madre can barely keep a smile off her face when she thinks of her and her three offspring getting Free Stuff forever, courtesy of El Presidente and the executive amnesty he is poised to dump on us. All aboard the Great American Gravy Train!
From the pictures I have seen it appears many already have iPhones. Very strange for impoverished, starving Third World refugees.
Anyone with an IQ above that of a block of stove wood can see that Obama has no intention of sending any of these 'children' back to Central America. Not only will Obama allow them to remain in the US as 'refugees', he will bring over their relatives under the guise of family reunification. The $2 billion confiscated from hard working US citizens will be used for their accommodations, travel, new underwear, etc.
I am led to suspect this is one of the reasons picture taking is not allowed. I have read that 80% are over the age of 14 and 80% are male. This makes sense. I can see a 14 year old male making the journey to the US whereas the idea that an army of toddlers are crawling across Mexico to the border is far less believable. In addition, a diaper clad toddler with his blankie will elicit far more sympathy than a future gang member. The Latin Kings are probably sending Recruiting Officers to the border as we speak.
Contact the Consulates of Honduras, Guatemala and the other sending countries. Inform them that they had best get on the phone and start chartering airliners to transport their citizens back to their home countries. They have 24 hours to do so. If they fail to provide a means to repatriate their citizens who are illegally in the US, then we will take over. We will load everyone onto Air Force transport planes and set course for Central America. Honduran citizens will be returned to Honduras, Salvadorans to El Salvador and so forth. If a country refuses to allow us to land, then their citizens will be given a parachute and an MRE. A couple of bad tempered jumpmasters will be standing by to assist anyone who needs help exiting the plane. Adios.
The Latin Kings and other Hispanic gangs are probably sending recruiting agents to the facilities as we speak.
Bus them to Lackland AFB outside of San Antonio. Once there, load everyone onto C-5 Galaxies until the rivets are ready to pop. Take off and set course due south. Guatemalan citizens will be dropped off in Guatemala, Honduran citizens in Honduras and so on. If anyone refuses to identify a home country, a dart will be thrown at a map of Central America and the country it lands on will be their destination. If any of the sending countries refuse to allow us to land to return their citizens, then said citizens will be given a parachute and an MRE. Since these Central American countries have no problem dumping THEIR citizens on the US, we should have no problem returning the favor.
As a matter of fact...Mexico is doing just that, Rigoberto.
There will always be somebody capable of stoping them, Fausto.
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