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Leftists are just plain miserable derps, day in and day out. Misery loves company, too. They love to spread their misery onto everyone else. This is why most people detest liberalism. The problem is that many of those people aren't very informed to start with, yet they hate things leftists push on others and never bother to take it to the polls.
When Obama was elected (before taking office), Neal Boortz warned that this was going to happen. He was right. It's actually what the left was waiting for.... to cry racism at every turn.
I didn't help elect Obama. The GOP ruined their brand and helped Obama to win. Did that make a difference in the '06 mid-terms? Quit being such an alarmist.
Romney didn't win because many conservatives stayed home instead of voting. He got far less votes than McCain did in 08. Did that many decide to vote for Obama? No, they didn't. Obama also received less votes in 2012 than in o8.
I left the GOP in 2007 and went to the Libertarian Party. WQhile not perfect, they represent most of what the GOP should stand for. Until the GOP starts pulling their heads out of their keesters, people will continue to flee. It'll take time though. Expect for Dem victories in the short term. Then watch out when average Americans decide to dump both of these big spending parties and form a new one. Adios.
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Fightin' Words

Minnesota Libertarian Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 7:35 PM
Call the Democrats, leftists and liberals what they are; totalitarian fascists. Most everything they espouse curtails some sort of freedom. It's too bad that today's generation can't see it. They're damned to live with long after I'm gone. Enjoy it.
No, it's not a right. Post something from the Constitution stating that it is a right. You won't and you can't.
Nothing but another RINO. People need to learn that northeast Repubs are Democrat-Lite. Heck, Democrats in Texas would be Republicans in the northeast.
It was for the "common good." You can't make Democrats take all the heat. :-)
To be fair, the GOP also considered using it. BOTH parties better just knock it off and leave things the way they are. If not, don't whine down the road when it's the other side doing it.
You run out of TP by wiping too much.
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