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Dallas is a leftist cess pool. I used to live there and had to get out.
What's an idea log? lol
Obama's going let Iraq fall into the hands of Muslim extremists. Where did that happen before? Hmmm. Lemme think.... oh yeahhhhhhhhhh..... the miserable and inept Carter administration. Obummer has eclipsed Carter as the worst pResident ever. At least Carter is an admirable man with class. Obummer is not and has zero class.
I detest liberalism (socialism), but some of you commenter's are bringing it to a new low. The man just died. It's time to separate politics from life. And no, he didn't represent my district.
Little interest from the Senate because the leftist flakes running the show there are behind their man 100%.... even if all involved admitted wrongdoing. Liberals (socialists) are the scourge of this planet.
Of course, this made it onto the evening news. Ooops! I was think of the Bush years.... when GW farted, it made the news.
I bet some of them voted for Obama. Democrats just took the ballots to the cemeteries.
MSNBC staff **and** viewers are on drugs. How else can people be this dumb?
Clonginus, are you really that stupid? Yeah, the GOP won the House, but your derps control the Senate and WH. Quit being a parroting derp.
GLAAD supporters are now butt hurt.... literally and figuratively. lol
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