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Well put - who died and left Greg Hengler in charge of deciding who is and who is not Christian, whether that be Mitt Romney, Joel Osteen, or anyone else.
Yeah, that's right - see how much Gospel you get to freely practice if Obama and his ilk run things. While you're at it my "good Christian" friend, check out Mark 9:40 and get over yourself. I consider myself a Christian as well and it means more to me than anything else - which is why I support Romney 100% and if he says he believes in Christ as his savior it IS NOT MY PLACE (nor yours) to judge him and say differently. God is the only judge that matters.
In your personal opinion, shubi, for what, if anything, that may be worth. Can we just get off the religion thing here? Neither shubi nor Greg Hengler has any better claim to getting to decide who is Christian and who isn't than anyone else. God will figure it out when that time comes. Let's leave it to Him and get on with saving this nation!
Greg, you lookin' to screw up Townhall? Why get into this religious debate here. Regardless of your limpdick excuse in the "update" you come off as an anti-Mormon, self-righteous purist Evangelical at a time when the party needs to pull together and leave the religious arguments behind. Drivel like this makes me seriously consider departing Townhall for good. I'm sick of the religion issue - it seems likely to divide the party when we can least afford it and if Townhall is going to take off in this direction it is abetting those who will, in the end, assist Obama and is cronies. It is not your place to say whether or not Mormons qualify as Christians and you look foolish doing so.
Yeah, and he voted for every earmark that came down the pike.
"all-intensive purposes"? Really, you think that is the phrase? You're kidding, right? You better be careful someone might think you're serious and revoke your GED.
Ignore him - he's a troll.
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