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Yes, Anthony - we know you don't quit. That's kind of how you got into this whole mess....
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Puritanical Government

miniditka Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 1:22 PM
I like the way Germany does its DUI laws. It has a standard BAC that is considered DUI (I think it's either .08 or .1), but if you get in an accident while driving, you get an increased penalty if your BAC is over .05. This law makes sense, in making it always illegal to drive at a level where everyone is considered intoxicated, while not punishing people who can drive safely with lower levels of alcohol.
Welfare does stimulate the economy, but it's only a temporary stimulus. If you give everyone $100, most people will go spend it. The economy will be stimulated. But there will be no further stimulus. The only way to permanently stimulate the economy is by improving the business climate and creating jobs.
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