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Forward? Out of the White House

milt3726 Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 9:48 AM
President Obama in Roanoke Virginia July 13, 2012 ‘If You’ve Got a Business — You Didn’t Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen’ If You Are A Socialist Or A Communist Then You Are Rejoicing That Obama Came Clean And Is Out Of The Closet. Obama, Commie mother, commie father, commie grandparents, commie mentor, commie friends ...... commie Barack. Not too difficult to figure this out. Let America be America again, Vote Romney 2012!

The GDP slid backward for the second quarter of 2012.  According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis economic growth was a near stagnant 1.5% which is down from 2.0% for the first quarter of 2012 – which was less than half the 4.1% for the fourth quarter of 2011. 

Economists generally believe growth below 2.0% is insufficient to grow jobs.

Three weeks ago, Barack Obama tried to spin a horrible June jobs report as "a step in the right direction."   He made that ridiculous claim even though the workforce population increased during the month at twice the...

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