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Why Jeremiah Wright Matters -- Still

Milt37 Wrote: May 24, 2012 10:14 AM
Good point, but the Dem's did have a former KKK Grand Wizard in Congress for decades. You rarely heard a peep about Byrd's sordid and disgusting past from the MSM. They even eulogized him as one of America's greatest elder statesmen when he finally did the only real service he performed for the US and died.

In the 1967 comedy "A Guide for the Married Man," Joey Bishop's wife catches him in bed with another woman. As his wife stands at the bedroom door screaming at the sight, Bishop and the mistress calmly get up, make the bed and get dressed. The mistress leaves. Bishop nonchalantly sits down in the living room, lights up a pipe, picks up the newspaper and casually leafs through it. "What bed? What girl?" Bishop says. The wife begins to doubt her own eyes, even her sanity. Finally, she turns to Bishop and meekly asks what he wants for dinner. The culprit...