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Washington Emerges: Across the River and Into History

Milt37 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 12:52 PM
Paul, I think you have a little history mixed up here. The opposing forces at Trenton were entirely Hessians (from Germany). They were mercenaries employed by the the British, but technically they weren't British troops. Also, Washington did not call for the Constitutional Convention. He only reluctantly came out of his self-imposed retirement to act as the president to the convention. I'd say Madison and Hamilton were more important to pushing for the Constitution, than Washington. All that aside, I agree that he was our greatest President ever. It's revolting, in some ways that, he's only on the dollar bill and quarter. But since he was such a humble man, he probably would have wanted it that way.

In the course of human events, one thing remains certain: We forget. Somewhere over murky time, Washington's Birthday faded away, and was absorbed into another three-day holiday with no distinguishing marks except maybe ... Giant Sales! It is the American way. By celebrating all presidents equally on some made-up Presidents' Day, we now celebrate none in particular. Definition is lost; a generalized fuzz takes the place of the history that made us. And we forget.

We forget what it was like the winter after the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, and how all its brave words began to sound hollow as...