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To Defeat Obama, All Conservatives Must Vote

Milt37 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:33 PM
Well, I voted for McCain in 2008 because I saw enough about Obama to convince me that he would be a disaster. And, at the risk of sounding mean, I was gambling on the chance the old decrepit "Maverick" fool would kick the bucket, and Palin would assume the reigns. I'm not sure how much better we'd be now, if McCain had won (probably not much), but I believe we'd never be at the low point we've reached with Obama. I was pulling for Romney during the primaries in '08, but maybe it was better that we let the sure loser (McCain) lose. Chances are that with the Bush fatigue syndrome, even if the Democrat's had resurrected Mr. Ed, the talking horse, he would have won. Instead they nominated the other (and smellier) end of the horse and he won.

The quality of life often comes down to one moment, one opportunity, one roll of the dice or one decision to draw a line in the sand and scream "No more."

Will Nov. 6, 2012, be one of those moments? I believe for the welfare of our republic, it must be.

It's been estimated that upwards of four million fewer Republicans voted in 2008 than in 2004. Four million. In a nation of 315 million, does such a number make a difference?

Some would argue it made all the difference and turned an unqualified, inexperienced, pampered, wealthy and privileged barely senator...