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Thinking Outside the Education Box

Milt37 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 1:13 PM
3585, You're definitely correct that an 80K-200K debt for college is almost never worth it. Too many people pay for the name value of the school, not the education. When I earned my BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Long Beach, it wasn't considered a prestigous school (and still isn't), but back in 1974-1978, it only cost $95/semester, not including books. Before that, I had a full 4 yr. scholarship from NROTC to USC, that would have cost the taxpayer about $12,000/semester. I decided to give up the NROTC and go to CSULB. The only thing most of the big name/high-price universities have going now days is professors who write a lot of papers/books and perform a lot of taxpayer funded worthless studies.

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post Sarah Palin had written while reflecting upon her daughter Willow's graduation from an academy that specializes in hair and skin. In it, she said the following:

"Young people should not be pressured into assuming that a college degree is the only path to employment today. It’s not. Some college degrees obviously lead to clear professions, like those in the medical and engineering fields, but that’s not the case with many of the liberal arts degrees young people today gravitate toward either because they aren’t sure what they want to do after college or...