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Thinking Outside the Education Box

Milt37 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 12:49 PM
As far as your contention that if they graduate from college with any degree, then they can graduate in just about any other subject matter, borders on the asinine. Do you really think that someone that gets a BA in Ancient Mesopotamian Art History, or Spansih Literature is just as likely to succeed in getting a BS in any of the more rigorous science, math or engineering fields? It could happen, but it's not very likely if the kid hadn't thought about that, or his/her parents had steered them in that direction initially. Bottom line, too many parents think a college degree (no matter the subject) is so important, nowadays, and too many parents aren't adult enough to guide their children into an appropriate course of study!

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post Sarah Palin had written while reflecting upon her daughter Willow's graduation from an academy that specializes in hair and skin. In it, she said the following:

"Young people should not be pressured into assuming that a college degree is the only path to employment today. It’s not. Some college degrees obviously lead to clear professions, like those in the medical and engineering fields, but that’s not the case with many of the liberal arts degrees young people today gravitate toward either because they aren’t sure what they want to do after college or...