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Ryan's Reason Contrasts Biden's Buffoonery

Milt37 Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 5:30 PM
Oh yeah? Well, my 18th. cousin, twice-removed by marriage, and impregnanted by Martians earned 300 quadrillion dollars by ignoring idiotic posts like this!
Over the next few days, news media and Republicans will share video snippets of Thursday night's vice presidential debate. Voters will get an extra helping of Vice President Joe Biden chuckling, interrupting, laughing, mugging, smirking and otherwise behaving completely inappropriately. What Team Obama described as "just Joe being Joe" steadily devolved into Joe just being creepy.

A CNN poll showed Rep. Paul Ryan winning the debate within the margin of error. A CBS News poll of uncommitted voters reported that 50 percent thought Biden won; 31 percent thought Ryan won; and 19 percent judged the debate a tie. But I believe that...