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Pet Turkey Killed by Neighbor For Dinner

Milt37 Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 1:49 PM
How anyone who really read (and understood) most of the posts could conclude that most were: "...quite a number of arrogant, self-inflated egomaniacal, haters whose only purpose in life is to suck off the welfare teat and attempt to destroy anything even slightly different than their personal beliefs." You obviously didn't read the posts, or are a one-trick-idiot pony.

Just for fun:

 Investigators say a neighbor and his friend used a bow and arrow to shoot and kill a Panhandle family's pet turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Sheriff's deputies arrested two Santa Rosa County teens on Monday. They're charged with armed burglary, armed trespassing, theft of livestock and animal cruelty.

The teens told deputies they planned to eat the 30-pound turkey for Thanksgiving.

I have to admit, the bow and arrow use is impressive.

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