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Missing the Point About Aurora

Milt37 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:54 PM
As much as I respect Mona's columns, I have see this one as somewhat off base. As wrong as ABC was to pounce on the Tea Party, it's just as wrong to jump on the bandwagon of mental illness without knowing more about this perp. He was obviously deranged and deluded, but nothing indicates (so far) that there were any signs of mental illness. Personally, I find it questionable as to why so many people would camp out in line and wait for hours (if not days) just to say they were first to see a movie based on a comic book. That's just me, but I think they were all a little out of touch with reality (especially the parents who took the 3 month-old baby and 6 yr. old girl), but not mentally ill.
Milt37 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:59 PM
This perp obviously lost touch with reality somewhere along the way, but I don't believe he would have been detected no matter what mental health system were in place.

At some point, you'd have to start investigating, or locking up every attendee to ComicCon. Those people strike me as a little over-the-top with their devotion to childish fantasies, but it's a free country, and bad stuff is bound to happen.
Public discussion and debate about the Aurora, Colo., horror has missed the point. With numbing predictability, liberal opinion leaders in the press have focused on gun laws as the potential solution for such atrocities, while conservatives have responded that maniacs will find ways to kill people and therefore, nothing can be done about rampage shootings. Others have speculated that our excessively violent entertainments are tipping borderline types into spasms of real violence.

I'm no fan of degraded entertainment, yet I suspect that saturation media coverage of these events is probably more culpable. But surely a more fruitful avenue of inquiry concerns...