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He's Mad as Hell and Not Going to Invest Anymore

Milt37 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:35 PM
Daddio, You are a total economic moron! Yes, sport stars, et. al. MAKE money from sponsors, because the sponsors believe those stars are going to somehow sell their product. I'm going to assume that the highest level of productivity you ever attained was cleaning toilets. Thus: "number two guy just moves up". None of your post even makes sense, but obviously certain heads are full of very dispensable matter.
"Why this fat cat likes Obama's tax plan" was the headline of a full-page ad La Jolla, Calif., investor Norman Lizt took out in The New York Times in August.

No, it wasn't really an endorsement. Lizt wrote that he has been a successful investor over the years, but if Americans re-elected President Barack Obama and his proposed tax hike became law, Lizt would face a marginal tax rate of "well over 50 percent." He wrote, "This represents the crossing of an inviolate threshold to me and is entirely unacceptable."

Lizt explained that he liked Obama's tax plan because it would prompt him...