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Faking It in Art and Politics

Milt37 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 3:34 PM
Ill Boy, You're obviously some kind of metrosexual product of the X- Generation (or whatever). Any one who is going to try to convince me, or any sentient human, that four and a half minutes of sitting around on stage playing no music is message, or "chance music" is a total idiot. And by idiot, I mean you. I guess by sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes every morning, I'm performing "chance music", since if I've eaten beans the night before, I am able to produce more than a few toots! I guess I have to find an agent, buy a concert krapper and hit the road.
Here's a resolution for one and all as we slide down the fiscal cliff (or not): Beware of fakery in popular places. Fakery, particularly in the culture both high and low, bubbles up from the media, affecting the way we see everything -- even, for example, politics.

Roger Scruton, the public philosopher and conservative commentator, writes in Aeon magazine, a provocative digital magazine of ideas and culture, how fake ideas, fake criticism and fake emotions have come to dominate public conversation and marginalize thoughtful appreciation of beauty, truth and honest debate. His initial concern is about the collusion of...