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Gabby's Hair -- An Issue of Life and Death?

Servo1969 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 7:10 AM
This is great example of the "Crab Bucket" theory in action. A concept in which members of a disadvantaged community are seen as undermining the success of other community members. The image is drawn from the observation that a crab clawing its way out of a bucket (or barrel in other versions) is pulled back down by his fellows.
Gabrielle Douglas became the fourth American -- and first black female -- to win a gold medal in women's individual all-around gymnastics. Effervescent and attractive, Gabby stands to make millions of dollars in endorsements. But she has received criticism -- in the social media, via Twitter, Facebook and, according to The Daily Beast, several "black blogs."

It's about her hair:

"Gabby Douglas gotta do something with this hair! These clips and this brown gel residue aint it." "She needs some gel and a brush." "She has to 'represent.'" "My mama sitting (here) screaming at Gabby Douglas on...