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Agreed. I see nothing in those 12 words that can even remotely be construed the way What'shisname argues.
I would not oppose abortion in instances of rape OR where the mother's life is threatened. The position admittedly lacks logic, but at least I'm honest about it.
Where in that language does it say that abortion is illegal where the mother's life is threatened?
I second that! Let's see the language in the bill that forbids abortion EVEN to save the mother's life.
Can you quote for me the language in the bill that says that? I haven't read it, so enlighten me, please.
And you have MY condolences.
Do you believe there should be ANY restrictions on abortion?
Apparently so. By the Left's own logic, it's not a human life at fertilization. At the end of 9 months it could become a, oyster. Or a rabbit. Or a sea cucumber. It's not a human being until it's born. Until then, we just doan' know.
Oh, I remember now. It's all the government handouts. You don't have to think for yourself. What a luxury!
How on earth do you lefties survive in this world without critical thinking skills?
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