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Smart Girl Politics: They Don't Speak for Us

MilitaryBrat Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 2:04 PM
There is no "war on women" but, there is a "war on babies" from the left. It's called...population control, this is how the progressive left controls women. The "war on women" is a made up lie that comes from the left....birth control is so available, do they think we are stupid?
Patriot155 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 3:46 PM
Yes, they do and I'm not going to say that those women who have jumped on the Obama wagon are idiots. But if they did it because they've bought into this "war on women" BS they would have to be smarter to be idiots.

Smart Girl Politics is out with a new video to fight back against the liberal feminist hijacking of how women feel, what they need and the "war on women." The message? They don't speak for us.