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speaking of college, Barrack, how about you release your transcripts from whatever college you say you went to now? Or even, how about if the msm showed the slightest interest in it?
I really do hope that more rinos get in the race. The conservatives can gather behind one great conservative and do to the rinos what Romney did last year. That is, let them tear each other apart and have the conservative sail through.
Who are they polling-Karl Rove?
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The GOP's 20 Car Pile-up

Milissa2 Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 4:26 PM
I am certain that Governor Romney is a good man. But I want a fire breathing conservative, not a squish, to be our next president. That person-whoever it is- will have eight years of damage to undo. They had better have ideals and ideas. Not just ambition.
A crash of rinos are in the race. Conservatives must rally behind one candidate and back him or her with all of our might.
Divorce is entirely too easy to get. Why? Because local municipalities make a lot of their budget from divorce! In my area- there are mandatory classes (with an accompanying fee) that must be taken. There are court costs, lawyers, "counselors" all making their living from the demise of a marriage. It would be impossible to imagine one person marrying someone else without consent from the other person-but one person can and does walk away from a marriage without the consent of the other partner. When divorce happens- the odds of one or both parents needing some sort of government assistance is a given. No fault divorce is killing our society.
Now is the time for conservatives to coalesce behind one conservative and let the rinos kill each other off. Think of it as the McCain/Romney strategy .
of course there is a way. Allow insurance to be sold across state lines. Open up competition so that the price will be driven down. Do something about tort reform, something serious. A burn from a cup of coffee shouldn't make you a millionaire.
In order to avoid the tax/penalty configure your taxes so that you have no rebate owed. (You should be doing that anyway) There is no there is no way to collect other than the rebate that is owed to you.
if we increase the minimum wage, it will cost many many jobs. Get more skills if minimum wage is paying your bills.
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