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Joe Biden Asks: Hey, America, Why So Serious?

mileaway Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 11:21 AM
One friend told me: " I think Biden was confused..he thought he was there for a glow in the dark tooth wighteniing commercial..lmao...see my pearly whites..he reminded me of ross from" It sure seemed like it was all a big joke to Biden.

Well, at least Joe Biden helped Obama keep one campaign promise: He certainly changed the tone of our political debate last night.  Too bad he took it to a disrespectful new low.  Watch and be appalled.  (HT: Correspondent Doug for the Batman reference; update: Jim Geraghty's got it, too -- must be a guy thing?!):

A couple of other observations:

(1) Joe Biden sacrificed his likability in order to try to erase the perception that the Obama-Biden ticket is weak and passive.  He probably could have achieved more of his objectives if he had been...