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hmm...UFO's and Aliens? It depends on if you see us coming or them coming doesn't it?
The very, very sad part of this is, Joe Biden is representing the United States of America and next in line. That's why no one want to do away with Obutthead. We are sooo F'kd...
Biden you have to be one of the biggest loud mouthed idiots to roam Washington. You should NEVER, NEVER own a weapon! Good God I hope and pray never around me or my family! If we didn't have Liberals (like Biden) that won't shoot the shooters we wouldn't have such a flimsy excuse for a Criminal Justice system and there would be less of an incentive to commit these crimes. The prison systems are taxing us to death. Overcrowded and of little to no value in rehabilitation. They are more like Hostels for gang meetings. We need to revert back to a system of Reward and Consequences. Not Crime and Reward. We more than likely will never rid ourselves of criminals but we "can" show them that crime does not pay.
That's because rape is an act of God, right Mr. Salaz-stupid?
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Texas vs. California

mileaway Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 12:11 PM
Texas has gone down the Liberal crapper! California is definately off the charts as far as being ridiculous in every way you can think of. It truely is a lost cause. I wish I could afford to leave it. However, Texas has lost it's flavor as well. I used to think Texas was unshakable in Honor and Values but today they have been infiltrated by Liberals that leave Texas as nothing more than a Rhinestone Cowboy.If anyone thinks Texas won't follow California, they are delusional. Wherever Californians take their money they take their ideology and politics as well.I've seen it happen so many times in California, they bring their money and the first thing they want to do is change you hometown into the town they just left! Be forewarned Texas!
Taking care of the problems we have at our Borders!
Dear President Obama, Senator Feinstein and Congress, I know how to end "Criminal Gun Violence"; Just Shoot'em! ... No joking about it. Stop coddling them with Liberal Judges and sentences. Just shoot them as soon as you catch them. That is what the President wants to do to decent law abiding American citizens so why not shoot the Violent Criminals? "Sooner" than later the criminals will lay down their guns and only commit Non-Violent crimes! It will be a Happy Day for us all! As a BONUS, we will save HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Taxpayer dollars on injury claims, law enforcement manpower and equipment, Judges, Jurors, Jails, Printing, OMG just about everything! AND, Homeland Security can stop spying on Citizens and start tak
When will the Liberal mind come to realize: "One Shot - One Kill" I don't care if you have one or a thousand bullets, it only takes one. How fast can a single shot weapon be reloaded? Too fast to make a difference if YOU are an unarmed defenseless person.
I hate to say it but all you wierdos are going to push the rest of us just a little to far pretty soon and we are going to lose our tollerance for your "eccentricities" and clean up America by whatever means we deem appropriate. We will have had enough coddling and a** kissin' so we don't hurt anyones feelings by then! It won't be pretty and it won't be nice but it will be thorough!
You have to put it all in the context it belongs. The world can only support so many people, by best guess now the is between 4 and 16 Billion people. We currently are at 7.2 billion people. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the world governments are preparing for scaling down the populations to a sustainable level through not only abortions and birth control but through domographically and geographically chosen deseases and Food modifications. Sustainable levels meaning how many slaves do the elite need to supply their workforce. Oh, I can hear the you screaming now but stop your hollering for a minute and think about it. Put it in perspective and come up with a logical reason for what is being done. I'd like to hear it.
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