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Obama Attack Ad: Romney Doesn't Want to Hire More Teachers!

Milbrat71 Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 5:49 PM
It was public school teachers and college professors who gave us these utter morons from Ohio State University who say they are voting for Obama but have no clue what happed to the four dead Americans in Benghazi. And this is just the tip of the ignorance iceberg that's been going on ever since we allowed teachers to unionize.

Can you guess which special interest group Team Obama is pandering to now? It’s really quite obvious:

The spot implies that the best way to improve the nation’s broken public education system is to hire more teachers. But the student-teacher ratio in the United States is much lower than a number of industrialized OECD countries, even though those nations boast markedly higher world education rankings. This suggests that simply...