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Floating on Air: 3 Rising Personalities in Conservative Talk Radio

Milbrat71 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 11:41 AM
One talker that should definitely be on any rising-star list is Houston's Michael Berry. He's on 740-AM & 950-AM throughout the workday. His show is now syndicated and on in several large markets. He has two law degrees, former city council member, ran for Mayor and listened to by a huge audience.

Three conservative radio talk show hosts share their humble beginnings and insights into the industry.


From Townhall Magazine's October feature, "Floating On Air" by Mark Kakkuri:

In handling times of tragedy as well as in discussing the deeper issues of everyday life, Steve Kelley, host of a Denver, Colo. radio talk show named “Kelley and Company” at 710 KNUS, says radio is really good “at being there, in all senses of the phrase. Radio allows me to be a...