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So a patently racist group of so-called "journalists" are somehow offended by what someone with an opinion says on a television talk show and we are actually supposed to care. NOT! But the fact is, there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. And Islam is hardly a religion. It's more like a cult than anything else and its adherents put their belief in this cult ahead of everything else, including their families. Name one other religion where stoning women to death is acceptable? Or cutting off people's limbs. Or putting people to death for owning a Bible.
Good job... I suspect that the truth about his black "youth" will slowly trickle out but at the end of the day, he'll just be another "gangsta" that our great social welfare system produced.
He sure did.... We The People who are out here day in and day out busting out butts to fund worthless leeches like Brown and his ilk are really getting fed up with this thuggery.
So while the rest of us are at our jobs every day working out butts off to help support these "outraged" scum, how is it that they seem to have plenty of time on their hands to riot, loot and cause general mayhem on the rest of us? And I can 100 percent guarantee that like that black thug Trayvon Martin, this isn't the first time this latest black "youth" has had a run-in with the police.
One only need read the biography of this English nut job to learn with a total POS he really is. He's a stupid as a Pet Rock and should probably be in jail instead of spouting off about something he knows absolutely NOTHING about. Read this and you'll understand... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Brand
You sound like one of the characters from Orwell's "1984" where the word "hate" and the act of hate is intertwined in a government ruled by Big Brother. So when you have zero to say of a credible nature, out trots that word.
If these government loons want to see what these food stamp "EBT" cards are really being used for and by whom, just drop into your local Walmart about 2:30 p.m. on a normal work day. It will absolutely make your blood boil.
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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Milbrat71 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 10:05 AM
You morons need to stop this "10 Things to Know for Today" It's boring.... Get it? BORING !
And just how do we know that Hobby Lobby's health care benefit plan covered the cost of Viagra? Most don't...
I seriously don't know how these flacks live with themselves. And both parties do it.
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