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This cow is going to lose by a lot more than 12 points in November and my prediction is that she'll never be elected to any other political office. Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott is going to be twice the governor Perry is and the person coming in as Lt. Gov. state senator Dan Patrick, will take full control of the Texas Senate and quash the liberal cabal that allowed a loon like Davis to even exist.
I don't understand why Hell Fire missiles aren't raining down on these Muslim terrorists. Either we're actually at "war" with them or we're not. You can't have it both ways and why does this remind me of the early 1930's when another butcher was starting to run wild in Germany?
I say it's up to parents and the soda drinkers themselves to limit their intake of these beverages. It's' NOT up to some unelected and unaccountable Nannies in government to dictate everything people put in their mouths.
The problem with this is that the IRS employee(s) responsible for this outrage don't have to personally pay the fine. That $50K will be paid by we taxpayers so why should the IRS or any government agency give a damn about the outcome of this lawsuit? Until the people who actually committed this act have to pay up, then this kind of abuse will never end.
Typical liberal lunacy. Whenever you creeps don't have anything substantive to say, out comes the word "hate." And if you think we Constitutional Conservatives get "squeamish" over the name calling and BS you loons spew, think again. We will no longer quietly sit on the back rows while you people try to terrorize us into silence. And I for one will never, ever use the hijacked word "gay" to describe homosexuals. I find absolutely nothing gay about two men sodomizing each other. And you can add to the groups I detest, these charming citizens: child rapists, thugs who break in my house to steal what I've worked hard for, men who physically and verbally abuse women, ignorant entertainers who insist on giving their audiences a big dose of their nonsensical political views, and spineless politicians who are selling out the Founders' dream in the name of political expediency. Yep, just "hate" them all.
Funny how I don't hear squat about "diversity" or "affirmative action" for colleges and universities that don't hesitate to call themselves "black" institutions. There certainly isn't ANY diversity in the National Football League or the NBA. And how many Caucasians are members of the Congressional Black Caucus? And do you know that women now far outnumber men in college enrollments? And this is happening all over the country. And how about some real diversity on local television stations? Huh? Notably absent from these stations across the country is white males.
Exactly. When I was is in grade school back in the 1950's, I was a real daydreamer, as were others in my class. I outgrew this by the 9th grade and have been a very productive member of this society. No one, and I mean NO ONE, gave their over active kids drugs back then and somehow our society and culture survived. At least until we started doping young students and dumbing down the older ones.
Since when is the taxpayers' responsibility to take care of YOUR children? You brought them into this world voluntarily, now do what it takes to take care of them!
A couple of years ago, the hard drive in the laptop at my office "crashed" and while much of the data was recovered, the .pst file that had all my emails, contacts, calendars, etc was gone. We also backed up every computer in the company nightly on tape cassettes. But unlike the lie now being told by the IRS and Obama's army of stooges, the next day the IT guy went to the tape and restored all the data from my .pst file that was there when the system was backed up. I lost a few emails from the next day, but everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- was restored in about an hour. To think that the IRS' tech group couldn't restore the hard drive of Lerner and now we learn six other key people within a day defies logic. This whole thing smells like a pile of horse dump if you ask me and what has occurred here is far worse then Nixon and the Watergate tapes.
Spot on... Ya gotta love those character from good ol' West Texas. Even ol' Wendy's current state senate seat went to a solidly Conservative candidate who will absolutely win in November. And trust me, there are literally hundreds of thousands of us in the "awl bidness" here in the Houston area who are going to ensure there's another clean sweep for every statewide office in Texas this November.
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