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The "Holy Sacrament" of their "god" "Satan".
Wow, what an ACCURSED TWIST! And BOTH for the damnation of humanity as a whole! They support the unregulated MURDER of defenseless babies who have the potential of improving the lot of our entire planet AND the condemnation of those elderly folk who have already done so. If this were not so pathetic, this could be the subject of a comedy stand-up act. OK, I am watching the stand-up. I am NOT laughing. I am CRYING. So much for making me laugh.
I don't know very much about The Sisters Of The Poor, but THIS I DO know, what they own are PRIVATE HOMES with PRIVATE RESIDENTS! Further, they have NO functioning profitable business. In fact, they run their "business" at a faith-based loss in hopes that they will recoup their losses through further donations. Due to various oddball "miracles", they squeak by month to month by many last-ditch donations that allow them to continue their mission until the next month. As a business model, their prototype is a dismal failure. But, in spite of assessments of mine and many others, it has the blessing of survivable success. I have watched their dramatic plight for a few months and have predicted their demise many times, and yet each month they come up smiling. Their charitable work DOES deserve public acclaim, and yet, instead of accolades they incur governmental persecution. Where does Our Government get off torturing a private collective home for collecting perpetually insufficient funds meant to support the indigent?
Drug addicts die from overdoses of heroin all of the time. From what I understand, these deaths are painless. Why not administer a lethal dose of heroin to the convict?
No, they don't deserve that sort of extremism. But when these feminazis DO expose themselves for what they are, I DO exclude them from my life.
I agree. But Ellen is, by her own admission, NOT feminine. AND, by that affirmation makes her sexually unattractive to ME.
"Why is it conservative women are so attractive, and feminazis are so strident and ugly?" Do you REALLY have to ask THAT question? Come on, man, LOOK at Kirsten Dunst. Compare HER to ANY feminazi. Look carefully, now, because I don't want to appear to have any influence on you, but WHAT do you see? Kirsten, conservative, FEMININE. Feminazi, liberal, MASCULINE. Now, tell me, which of these will a NORMAL MAN find more attractive? Personally, I could NEVER get a h*rd*n with a masculine attraction. Kirsten, on the other hand, could give me the shivers with her ATTITUDE, not to mention what could be said for her physical attributes.
There is NO lull on "the War on Race". I don't see that in the predictable future, even though I see NO rationale for such a "war". I also see no end to "The War on Class", even though I see England as far more class conscious than we are. For some odd reason, "Class Consciousness" seems to be a dominant factor in most human interactions. "The War on the Aged" is nowhere NEAR "taking a nap", according to the proponents of Euthenasia. After all, the aged folk are, to them, disposable waste products. So, the left really does not NEED the War on Gender to keep things lively, it simply NEEDS a reason to exist, and THAT REASON is government control. To achieve this goal, it must contrive targets that appeal to the heartlessness of public opinion. Historically, many, if not most, have wished to eliminate certain folk from our society. These folk are included among the undesired of Race, Class, The Aged. But, the above-listed is merely the appetizer. These airheads want an all-out WAR, OPEN COMBAT, if it may be possible! So, whilst openly advocating Gender Equality, the left needs the War on Gender to keep things lively. In the end, they care NOTHING for who wins. Their only concern is government control, and their tool is public chaos.
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Trust, But Verify

MikeUhl Wrote: May 10, 2014 2:18 PM
"Trust but verify". Good advice, an advisory FIRMLY upheld by the framers and writers of Our Constitution. They set up our government, but they set it up as a SERVANT to US, to do OUR will, to do as WE wish. It was NEVER meant to become our master, as it has been in so many other nations. Due to our lack of vigilance, the government has become our master, in SPITE of the desires of Our Founding Fathers. We, as a Nation, have ignored Our Constitution for FAR too long. We MUST retrieve our control of the government BEFORE it becomes impossible to do so. You already know the mantra. When Free Speech and the Right To Bear Arms goes, the ENTIRETY of Our Beloved Constitution goes down the toilet with them. What I fail to understand is, how could we have been so bereft of our senses to allow our control of our very own government to have broken so freely of what we desire?
The Blacks are too stupid to see this? How about the MAJORITY of Our Entire Nation? WE ALL are too stupid to see this. Obama has knifed us in the back TWICE. There is a proverb somewhere that says "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I fail to understand why Obama was elected the first time, but that was "fool me once". I was STUNNED beyond belief when he was elected the second time. That was SHEER STOOOOOPIDITEEEE twisted like a chicken neck from any sense of rationality. That was "fool me twice". The majority vote went to Obama for the second disastrous time, a man who insults his own folk. If you want a black man for President, then use the FORCE of public opinion to PUSH Doctor Ben Carson into the candidacy. He will not run unless the public at large DRIVES him into the competition. This is ONE MAN who CAN actually hold the Mantle of President VERY WELL. I truly believe that Doctor Ben Carson can REPAIR the damage done by Obama.
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