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Indeed. Reduce government restriction into personal lives. Maximize freedom...
Like Meitiv said: people these days are frightened of phantom dangers. Abductions are extremely rare, car accidents are not.
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Our Judicial Dictatorship

miketurnerusa Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 5:54 PM
Come on Pat. What happened to being on the side of maximizing freedom and limiting government in the personal business of Americans?
For example poor people tend to live in Africa, not Canada. They'll be the ones facing drought and starvation for something not their fault. We in America will be faced with a refugee crisis. We'll have to take them in, well, because we caused the problem and will have to face up to it, and help and not be pussies about it...
So now admitting climate change to now saying it will be beneficial. Sure climate change may make some people rich, but most people will loose, especially the poor.
Although author has a clumsy way of saying it, the Latin American refugee crisis is a direct result of the the poor policies of the American government and that includes the drug war.
Latin American refugees are a direct result of the drug war indeed.
Indeed. Tortuous irrational argument. Does Birdnow hate the hippies so much?
Indeed. More freedom, personal responsibility, and less government.
Less laws therefore crimes by definition smaller gov't. Plus reduced jails and reduces and smaller prison industrial complex. More freedom! States rights!
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