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Indeed. Tortuous irrational argument. Does Birdnow hate the hippies so much?
Indeed. More freedom, personal responsibility, and less government.
Less laws therefore crimes by definition smaller gov't. Plus reduced jails and reduces and smaller prison industrial complex. More freedom! States rights!
Another small step to small government, personal reponsibility, and maximum freedom!
Conservatives are for conservation, because they want to save the planet for future generations.
Less gov't means more freedom.
On the other hand, Isn't it time to restrain the 'nanny state'? Those big govt types trying to tell the people what we can do in our personal lives, what food we can eat ect?
Wow! Thanks for responding. Efficacy and societal costs are separate issues. Please address the freedom, states rights, personable responsibility, small government related conservative values. Anyone?
States rights, maximize freedom, small government, and personal responsibility are all conservative values. Anyone disagree? Anyone?
The proof of global warming has come from many different paths of evidence including the one you describe. There are essentially no climate scientists that doubt it is happening and fossil fuels are the cause. Let's be honest please.
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