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The cross voting rules of Mississippi maybe should be change a bit. The law states that when you cross over to vote in the primary of the party you are not registered in you must state that you intend to support that candidate in the general election. Change it to you also cast a vote for that candidate in the general election. At the time you vote in the primary your primary vote is also carried forward to the general election, the ballot you get in the general does not have this particular race on it, as you primary vote will be your general vote as well. This would result in a lot fewer cross over voters. If you wish to saddle the opposing party with a looser, you saddle yourself with the same looser.
Since the media was running as hard as they could with this fictitious "story" it would seem appropriate that they be required to run an equal number of corrections (worded by Scott Walker) in the same times and as a part of the same program (in other words not as advertisements but as a integral part of the same news programs and by the same newscasters) the corrections and the results of the federal and state court opinions with an equal plus 50% amount of time. This should apply to both local and national news media.
Statistically, the odds of a single hard drive crash (given the federal government's rate of replacement of laptops) is in the range of impossible. The chances that 6 or 7 hard drives would crash in the small group that had IS IMPOSSIBLE. Hard drives both 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch have been improved to a level that even data failures are a thing of the past and with even inexpensive backup programs the actual chance that the hard drives actually crashed or that the data was not INTENTIONALLY deleted are ZERO. This is a clear example of criminal activity on the part of the IRS. Cleary, Koskinen is now involved as a conspirator.
The reason given was it as a result of the Boston City Marathon bombing. Perhaps someone could explain how this new regulation would have affected the bombers..... Oh yeah it wouldn't have. Just another pin headed bureaucrat making regulations that help no bearing upon reality or common sense.
The fact that Obama hasn't been removed from office points out that it is time to remove those who have also sworn to uphold the Constitution and have chosen to ignore their duty and oath. That would be EVERY Congressional Representative and Senator who is not calling for and working for impeachment.
Tough call, lawyer versus lawyer! Now if you could add a few alligators into the mix it would be easier topick a favorite!
Liberalism is enabled by lawyers
You used the word thought in connection with Nancy Pelosi... See any conflict with that concept???? Nancy Pelosi and a thought... together... I don't think so.
Your brain on Botox! Is there anyone out there who is more delusional and has fewer functioning brain cells than NP?
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