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Ohio Gov. John Kasich: Yeah, We Won’t be Setting up ObamaCare Exchanges Either

MikeinIdaho Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:46 PM
Umm, you might want to reconsider that silliness, sir! At least the Republicans came up with a budget, as opposed to the Demunists you seem to adore so much. Maybe the markets were "spooked" by a LACK of a budget for many years by the Demunists. food for thought, no?

Earlier today Katie reported that Gov. Rick Perry announced Texas will not be setting up its own health care exchange – the government-run ‘marketplace’ for getting health insurance or, as Rush Limbaugh explains it, a ‘health care DMV.’

Today, Ohio Gov. John Kasich followed suit:

Today Governor John Kasich told the federal government that Ohio would not run an Obamacare health insurance exchange but would leave that to them. Not only are an exchange’s start-up and operating costs very high, but once created, Ohio will have almost zero control over how it operates. This will...