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Funny, I don't recall a big drop in the market until very LATE in Bush's "reign of error". Your "facts" are not quite up to speck, sir. Go back to HuffPo or MSNBC and leave the discussion to those of us who really pay attention to the facts. We got it that your side "won". Hope you will be as forthcoming when the collapse occurs in the next few years. I doubt it, but I hope.
So I guess you are an oil engineer, huh? My, my, what a genius! You might want to investigate the current boom in exploration and development in Alberta and the Dakotas before you run your mouth.
Umm, you might want to reconsider that silliness, sir! At least the Republicans came up with a budget, as opposed to the Demunists you seem to adore so much. Maybe the markets were "spooked" by a LACK of a budget for many years by the Demunists. food for thought, no?
Gov. Otter here in Idaho has announced he has "delayed" a decision on State healthcare exchanges for at least a month. I wrote him and the legislature and told them they needed to follow Ohio, Texas and others example and refuse to go along...period. If all states refuse, except of course for the East and West Coast communist states, this whole BS plan may just flat out collapse of it's own weight. We can only hope, it's all we have left.
Really? funny, I voted for him and we knew he was Mormon! Methinks you should speak for yourself, sir. Not all of us are anti-Mormon like you.
And that's EXACTLY what the Democrats (aka communists) have done. Very slowly and very methodically for the past 100 years, starting with Teddy Roosevelt and the "Bull Moose Party".
I fear there will be no 2016 election. This may have been our last one, and it was stolen by the Chicago communist thugs while the hapless Republicans "go along to get along". We the People have been sold out by both sides in their incessant effort to hold on to power. God bless (and please help) America as We the People move forward in taking back our Republic from BOTH parties.
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The Decline and Fall of America

MikeinIdaho Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:27 PM
Can anyone say "Roman Empire"? We are following their collapse almost perfectly. The Vandal hordes rise up at the edge of the empire (Iraq, Afghanistan) The food and fuel supply begin dwindling. (drought, environmentalists Keystone Pipeline and Middle East wars) Invasion of Rome by non-Romans (Illegal aliens, muslims) demanding "rights" Citizens beging receiving "bread and circuses" to keep them calm (Welfare, Food Stamps, Obamacare & extended un-employment benefits) Finally a collapse of government while the emperors sat idly by (Obama lies, cheats raises taxes and rewards his cronies while punishing workers and wealth producers) It had to happen, I guess. Sad to be a witness to history repeating itself. The New Dark Ages are next.
Hey Fauxcahontas...SHUT UP! you are a disgrace, a liar and generally a piece of trash. the people of Massachusetts must so SO proud...and STUPID.
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Hillary Wants Out

MikeinIdaho Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 12:16 PM
Another total RAT deserts the garbage scow that is the Obama administration. She wants to be FAR away from this tub when it sinks like a stone.
Good plan, Barry! It didn't work before, but then YOU just needed to be in charge, huh? I say let him have everything he wants. This country is a goner, let's sit back and watch them bury it along with their stupid followers. Then We the People can climb out of our hidey-holes and re-create the REAL United States of America.
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