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Chicken Little strikes again...and again and again and again, ad nauseum!
Good on ya', New York! If the hippies could do it in the 60's, We the People can do it now. God bless America and lock and load.
You mean even the Obamabot communists in NYC don't like this communist? LOL. You got what you voted for, you morons! Suck it up and feel the hurt.
Boom! And the spokeskid takes one to the groin! The sad fact isd that this is EXACTLY what Obama & company wanted to happen. The plan was designed to fasil and take out the insurance companies in order to usher in "single payer" government healthcare. Welcome to Obama's communist dictatorship.
Funny, they STILL won't say how many have ACTUALLY PAID a premium. Methinks that is because they KNOW how many have NOT paid a premium. All part of the plan to collapse the healthcare system and attempt to install "single payer" government healthcare. If you don't like your choices, continue to NOT pay for those choices! We the People can collapse this mess pretty quickly.
Not one dime to the RNC. Especially if this clown is their spokesman.
Way to tell'em how to live and what to spend money on! Spoken like the communist pig you are, Barry. Eff U.
And these facts come from where, exactly? Opinions are like...well you know what they are like and what they smell like. But keep telling yourself that story and we'll see how true it is in November, Slick.
Typical BS from inside the Beltway. A pox on them all. I lament a real 4th Estate that actually reported the news and loved the USA. That turd does neither.
As far as I'm concerned, they can host it on the moon. I'm thru with RINOs. (If you like your RINO. you can keep your RINO, period.)
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