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The Campus Crusade for Crust

MikefromDE Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 10:52 AM
Ok, this one is tough to comment on because it is just so funny. Dr. Adams had me laughing in the first paragraph and I couldn’t stop chucking the whole way through. Dr. Adams is undeniably a talented writer with a flair for satire. That being said, what can we glean other than some college students can be silly in what they think and how they behave? Well, that’s not really a big issue and it is a feeble attempt to fan the anti-college emotions of Dr. Adams’ primary audience. But does that matter? When he says that “most Americans are not Swift enough to appreciate social satire”, he means all of us too. There’s a joke buried in there somewhere; keep buying his product and it may surface.

Author’s Note: I firmly believe that most Americans are not Swift enough to appreciate social satire. I also believe that the best satire is based on real-life events. If you agree, would you prayerfully consider joining my support team? Being a wise acre is a full-time job.

Welcome back students! My name is Biff Latane and I am the campus director of Jesus Crew (or J. Cru for short) here at Denton State University (or DSU for short). Before I tell you more about J. Cru at DSU, I want to take a few minutes to apologize for an episode that...