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Joycey: You really must try to expand your vocabulary. Not everyone with whom you disagree is a communist. The CoC is in favor of capitalism and higher profits. That is the opposite of communism.
And now a parade of excuses and rationalizations because many folks around here won’t accept the simple truth: the kind of conservatism pervading the TEA Party and TH is a minority viewpoint.
comp: What an odd comment. That means you base your comments on your estimation of the respondent’s character. Therefore, every insult or put-down you include is actually applicable to yourself. What a painful experience it must be to always be filled with such self-loathing.
Neo: It happens all the time; who cares? Nothing anyone posts here is of great consequence.
Alive: No, you are wrong. That really is Obama.
Scrow: No, not all were, but what do you think the phrase "Jews counted under Hitler" means?
weedwam: I love your post; I just was unaware that you had internet access in the concentration camp.
Comp: You say the cutest things. You always remind me of when my children were young and how they would argue with each other.
Ken: No I can't. I'm not very good at predicting the actions of others. That is why I asked the individuals directly. However, if we human nature as a guide, the predict that the liberals would react the way the conservatives are acting here and the conservatives would react as the liberals have.
Hi Marc, I'm sorry to break it to you, but is you supported Law and Order then you would oppose D'Souza's actions with no excuses, equivocations or rationalizations.
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Choose Dialogue Over Name Calling

MikefromDE Wrote: May 20, 2014 9:10 AM
No, I mean like the examples in this thread; although Volker is an interesting point as his popularity here shifted with the presidencies.
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