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Mud: well, I’ve been to many churches as I never turn down an opportunity to visit a friend’s service and from what I’ve seen, they don’t teach math in Catholic Church, they don’t teach chemistry in the Methodist church, they don’t teach geography in the Baptist church and so on. Yes, it comes down to reality and the false one you have about what goes on in schools. Oh, I’m sure you can provide some examples. Let’s be generous and say you can provide 100 examples. But at that rate, you will be approaching 0.01% of schools nationwide. A further example of your deranged sense of reality is your next example. Yes there are people who worship Gaia and their method of worship could be described as a type of environmentalism and certainly ecology would be very important to them. But to be a viable argument, there would have to be a vast number of such people as teachers, administrators and school board members all working together yet somehow being hidden enough that it escapes the attention of all but a minority of people like you. Then you make it even sweeter by compounding your irrationality with ignorance. You too support a certain amount of ecology unless you believe that we should dispose of all our used motor oil in our water supply. And there are many, many more such ridiculous examples that I can’t imagine even you agreeing with. So by your own argument, you worship Gaia. No, you are at your best when you coupled the old “I know you are but what am I” come back and then called me a name.
Mud: Yes, that is pretty much the sum of your argument. You either don’t have an argument other than an unfounded belief or you won’t answer because that would reveal how small the incidents actually are. Yet you insist you are under attack. It must be infuriating for you to face reality. And yes, you play the victim card as much as any liberal.
45: I think you have been misinformed as that is plainly not true. Whenever reasons to oppose someone have to be manufactured, there probably were no good reasons in the first place.
45: This is exactly what I’m talking about. The flag and nativity issues have all been related to by laws of Home Owners’ Associations. In each case the complainant perhaps unknowingly but freely entered into the agreement. Next, the “War on Christmas” Nowhere in the country are you prohibited from saying or wishing Merry Christmas. Many employers have specific required responses, some dealing with much more than Christmas; but in all cases, they are free to run their businesses as they like along that line and employees must comply with their employers. I suspect that in most cases, profit above all is what influences such decisions. And this is in accordance with conservative ideology. Yes, I ask for specifics because what I often fine behind such grandiose accusations is picayune issues. As to your accusations, in what way am I being dishonest or insincere especially in dealing with those whose habit it is to insult and belittle me? I might possibly be one of the most polite people on TH.
Anom: Religion: 1 the belief in a god or in a group of gods 2 an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods 3 an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group While the third one could be stretched to make your point the proper used would be: secular humanism is like religion to liberals; or liberals hold secular humanism in religious devotion. But I know how important is for you to disagree with everything I write so I overlook that in your zeal you rarely formulate an argument.
Anom: “things are different from how they used to be” If you mean that we don’t have slaves anymore and women can vote, then yes, the world is constantly changing. I can’t find fault with that any more than I can find fault with things like rain. But no, human nature doesn’t change. Except for those who believe there actually was a golden age, all of humanity goes through cycles of conflict and resolution. Intrinsic aspects like love and hate are present throughout all of it. But you tell me about the good old days. Personally violence, sex, crime and perversion are not commonplace in my life although they certainly exist. But then, I know of no time in the history of man that they didn’t.
Oh you kid, and what a good joke. Yes, there are many reasons why someone could oppose the homosexual agenda, some that I consider irrefutable. All I ever oppose is subterfuge. Well, that and what I consider flights of fancy where reality has no meaning. All I ask for is honesty and a certain degree of seriousness. I sometimes think what bothers people like you is that I’m honest and sincere but you live in a world where all is suspect so you can't accept that.
Mud: Then you should explain that to Seawolf; but I fear you lack the integrity, or is it courage, to break with the flock.
Mud: Actions, are open to interpretation and even taken at their worst do not measure up to “literally hates those who volunteered to serve!". In what seems to be an obsession to disagree with me, you show difficulty with both word definition and reality.
Mud: yes we all know what a “victim” you are in life; but try and be more specific. Exactly what do you mean by the terms like publicly display or attack? Personally, I have never had any problems with expressing my religion, but I don’t know what you are talking about. And while you are at it, perhaps you can explain how any of this is related to what Cableguy wrote.
Mud: Secular humanism is not a religion. Words, like reality itself have a fixed point that eludes you.
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