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And yes, I wrote "right" instead of "write". Pointing that out could be the highlight of your day.
Comp: Irony, yes of course; a word you never even used until I applied it to you and of which you must not know the definition because you are using it incorrectly. You seem to have literally run out of things to say yet you cannot stop. You cannot resist. And what do you mean by “we all love it”? There’s only you here little doggy; unless you’re going to try to get someone else to help you do what you obviously are incapable of doing alone. I’m playing you like a fiddle and all you can do is repeat yourself over and over because you can’t resist. Here’s another hoop. Come on and jump through it.
Well, it’s good that you love it since you do it so well. I would hate to think that it pained you to continuously offer insults. As for being too weak to push anyone, I guess we’ll see. If you have the strength not to respond to any of my posts, then perhaps I am too weak; but I doubt that. It’s obvious that lack the ability to do other than vitriol, but I’m fairly certain you can’t resist insulting me. In fact, even if you do hold back now, it will only be a matter of time before I get you to jump through any hoop I hold up.
Comp: Keep going, you can do better than that.
comp: That's the spirit! Express yourself to the fullest of your ability.
Comp: See, I knew you had it in you.
Comp: Seriously? Is that the best you can do? Is everything ok? You never resort to such common-place insults. Maybe you’re just a little tired. Don’t push yourself too hard. Let the insults flow from that special place inside you.
Comp: How can I possibly admit or deny what is clearly written above each of my posts? As for your turn of phrase, you have applied it to me directly in the past. It should be a foregone conclusion that you meant me this time. I hope it’s only your limited capacities that have caused you to error and not something worse; because if that was meant to be an insult, it is far below your normal standard. Don’t try too hard. Let it come naturally and I’m sure you will come up with a real zinger to blast me.
Ken: In a manner of speaking, yes. If you consider that he was looking for someone who exemplified what you consider to be a troll and I was the best he could do; then it follows that I am the least “troll-like” person he could reference and that is actually the highest compliment that Comp has ever given me.
Comp: I’m flattered by the reference. You were at a loss for something to write and I sprang to mind.
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