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Mud: No, it was not a violation of constitutional rights and it is nowhere near as bad as what the Adams and Jefferson campaigns did to each other. And for a fact, none of it has stopped anyone from doing anything, which was the point in the first place. No, wrong again. In Fast and Furious, a few gun dealers were no more set up than johns are when the cops pose as prostitutes. Fast and Furious, another conservative rallying cry, was a flawed operation, but nothing new and certainly not a liberal plot to deprive citizens of religious or political freedom. Once again you have manufactured your victimization. As an added irony, Fast and Furious was motivated by the same sentiments that many conservative express through the desire to act now despite some risks, before a problem they believe in gets worse You mention demonstrable harm but that too is a generalization. Were any groups closed or people arrested? Was money or property confiscated? And no, you shouldn’t wait until people are actually being "disappeared"; but you should not call the fire department just because you think a problem in your house may cause a fire. That you think it would come to such an extreme is an example of how far from reality your concerns really are. Finally, I believe in constant vigilance ever the government. The reason it doesn’t sound like it to you is that you are deaf to all but “shouting” and live by the credo that if someone doesn’t hate a thing, they must love it.
Mud: Pretend what, that the Nativity scene on my refrigerator doesn’t exist? Without a doubt, any of us could find incidents of ridiculous activities in some schools, but clearly there are examples of the opposite. Yet you make blanket statements that vilify thousand and thousands of hard working people just to support your fantasy of an evil world out to destroy all that is good. And that is another reason why I question you character. I openly acknowledge that there is some truth to some of what you write, but you can't even begin to entertain thoughts of the opposite. Yes, my life is good, but not because of any particular officeholder and certainly not for one I never voted for. Rather, the reason my life is good is probably based on the same reason you’re a perennial victim who has nothing but complaints for the world around you. But as you don’t understand one side, you probably won’t understand the other.
Mud: Yes, now that is a good example. It is well established that the IRS abused its authority and targeted conservative groups and although the other individual’s story is unconfirmed, for the sake of argument, I’ll say it’s certainly possible. I’ll go even further and say I know from personal experience how anxiety riddled you can get when under the governments thumb as I was some 46 years ago. It’s terrible and I think the IRS should be brought to task. Emotions aside however, let’s focus. That’s politics. The FBI isn’t infiltrating these groups and arranging for criminal activity. They aren’t being beaten or incarcerated or even stopped. If this is the attack you say has stopped you from “Publically display[ing] your Christian faith’ or “Support[ing] Conservative political causes” then it has been a miserable failure. This goes to my point that this victimization that is so often expressed is based on the smallest if incidents. And yes, I sincerely question your integrity. Yet even in the worst of it I ask you to explain your reasoning. But just as you consider my not hating Obama to be the equivalent of being an “Obama worshiper”, you probably equate my questioning your character with simple name calling.
Mud: Now this is why I think your zeal to oppose me clouds your comprehension. Despite a few third party candidates, there are basically only two parties, one being liberal and one being conservative. McCain might not be the most orthodox conservative, but he was certainly not the liberal candidate. Nice job using semantics though. I honestly didn’t think you had it in you. But just for fun, has there ever been a time when you opposed one of the regular conservatives around here? See, there is a difference between questioning ones integrity and simple name calling.
Mud: I’m sorry, was that too much reality? See, here’s the thing. I wasn’t the one supporting McCain as a conservative; Sea wolf was. Yet you, who consider McCain to be a RINO, didn’t confront Sea wolf; you went after me. But heck, I’m an understanding fellow; you tell me how that happened: 1) Lack of intelligence 2) Lack of integrity 3) Lack of reasoning skills 4) Obsession with confronting me 5) Hypocrisy You tell me and I will believe you.
Mud: Ignore what? How can I be accused of ignoring what is happening when you won’t say how you are being attacked? What few key strokes do you suggest? I can do a search and find anything, but that doesn’t make it true. What is it that you don’t believe, alien abduction, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster; a few key strokes will reveal “proof” of any of them, but that doesn’t make it true. You claim you are being attacked. What did they do? Sure, call me a clown. That is the bottom line of all your arguments.
Mud: Yep, it sure would be if I lived in a pro-Obama world. I can’t recall the last time I made a complimentary remark. If you can find one, that would show me; but wait a minute, that would be one of those fact things. I’ve made it clear in the past that I never voted for him and that I was aghast at his economic policies. Yep, but here I am saying it’s ridiculous and unfounded to say that he literally hates everyone who is or has served; so it must be undying love.
Mud: Well, you did call me a stooge. You certainly did that. And then you make some unfounded, wild accusation about what goes on in schools. Gee whiz, if that doesn’t prove your point, then what else can a guy like you do? Shucks, I feel kind of bad for you what with you being attacked by liberals, harassed by “the man” and then getting disgusted by some clown who wants facts. Heck, you know the truth. What does it matter that hanging on my refrigerator is a Nativity Scene that my granddaughter mad last December in her public school art class. Just because it’s real doesn’t make it reality. It’s probably just a plot. President Obama used the NSA to figure just what would fool me than ordered his teacher servants make it happen just so I would go online and disgust a true American like you.
Yes, mud. It is another unfortunate aspect of reality that the person who says something is so must prove it and no one can prove a negative. And I think you don’t know what the word “literally” means or perhaps you define “hate” in a very mild way. Thanks for the name calling though and the irony that you claim I have an “obsession with pretending that [I am] somehow smarter than everyone else”. Yes, that must be it and how galling it must be to have someone ask you to support your position.
Mud: well, I’ve been to many churches as I never turn down an opportunity to visit a friend’s service and from what I’ve seen, they don’t teach math in Catholic Church, they don’t teach chemistry in the Methodist church, they don’t teach geography in the Baptist church and so on. Yes, it comes down to reality and the false one you have about what goes on in schools. Oh, I’m sure you can provide some examples. Let’s be generous and say you can provide 100 examples. But at that rate, you will be approaching 0.01% of schools nationwide. A further example of your deranged sense of reality is your next example. Yes there are people who worship Gaia and their method of worship could be described as a type of environmentalism and certainly ecology would be very important to them. But to be a viable argument, there would have to be a vast number of such people as teachers, administrators and school board members all working together yet somehow being hidden enough that it escapes the attention of all but a minority of people like you. Then you make it even sweeter by compounding your irrationality with ignorance. You too support a certain amount of ecology unless you believe that we should dispose of all our used motor oil in our water supply. And there are many, many more such ridiculous examples that I can’t imagine even you agreeing with. So by your own argument, you worship Gaia. No, you are at your best when you coupled the old “I know you are but what am I” come back and then called me a name.
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