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Why was the question never asked in the presidential "debate' held prior to the last Republican primary? Where is the press? Why does the press moderate these "debates"? Hell, why are they called debates?
I think that law enforcement officers, at the level of the laws being enforced, should be charged with enforcing those laws. If there are Federal, State and local laws governing pornography, there should be Federal, State and local law enforcement officers in each Walmart photo booth to insure that these pornography decisions are being made correctly. It may be costly in terms of salary, benefits and retirement expenses, but think about "the children."
The numbers below are from an IBD column earlier this week. The questions are mine. In 2011, the latest year for which data are available, the average compensation (salary plus benefits) for a federal worker was $128,000 What does the “average middle class worker” (3rd quintile of tax-payers???) pay in income taxes? How many of those middle class jobs (not minimum wage) does the Obama economy have to add to the private sector to pay for each $128,000 government job added? How many of those middle class jobs does the Obama economy have to have added to the private sector to pay for the roughly 130,000 workers added to the federal payroll over the past four years?
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Brown Shirts at ECU

Mike Donohue Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 6:25 PM
Let us be really tolerant….and inclusive. It will increase the turnout. Let us make a lot of shirts available for the photo shoots. No one should feel left out. "White? Fine by me." "Black? Fine by me." "Racist? Fine by me." "Liberal? Fine by me." "Conservative? Fine by me." "Tall? Fine by me." "Color blind? Fine by me." "Homophobic? Fine by me." "Gay? Fine by me." "Not transgendered? Fine by me." "Straight? Fine by me." "Overweight? Fine by me." "Pacifist? Fine by me." "Misogynistic? Fine by me." "Short? Fine by me." "Jewish? Fine by me." "Catholic? Fine by me." "Gun owner? Fine by me." "Obese? Fine by me." "Diabetic? Fine by me." "Red headed? Fine by me." "Skinny? Fine by me." "Vegan? Fine by me." "Dog lover? Fine by me." ......
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Lessons in Green Chemistry

Mike Donohue Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 8:02 AM
Just wait until the trial attorneys find out that every person who has ever died, or is currently ill, from any cause whatsoever, used a product that contained at least a little of something that appears on the “products of concern” list.
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The Lost Concept of a Public Servant

Mike Donohue Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:18 AM
When I saw the title: "The Lost Concept of a Public Servant," I assumed it was about the career politicians that that we have in elected office today. When I read the column, I saw why I was confused. One "public servant" needs the other "public servant." Symbiosis
I was accepted to one of my college choices. It was to their School of Education. My father, a teacher, said that he would pay for my college education anywhere, except a school of education. I thank him to this day.
While this is humor, what the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department is doing to golf courses is incredible. All new courses and any existing holes that are significantly redone will have to be fully handicapped accessible. Players utilizing special carts will have to be able to traverse the entire hole. This means the traps as well as the greens. I understand that the design of the approved cart is not final but the courses being built will have to accommodate that final design, whatever it is.
It sounds like this was the birth to what is now known as "container royalties." You do not have to actually steal anymore; we will just pay you a portion of everything that flows through the port. On the street, or in law enforcement circles, this is called “protection.”
“This arrangement was established in 1960 when New York Longshoremen sought to protect themselves against job losses resulting from the introduction of automated cargo container weighing.” While I was working on the Hoboken docks, I was told that after the 1960 wages and work rule negotiations were complete, management thought they were done. The union then said that they now had to negotiate an amount to compensate their members for “lost pilferage.” Containers made pilferage more difficult for their members. They contended that what their members historically were able to steal should be considered part of their compensation.
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