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I don't know what Democrats would hate Palin... she is their BFF.... although she and Fox and several of you here are PAINFULLY unware of it.
yes... and Palin will make sure the democrats STAY if office. :-(
Yes... all of them Democrats.
Liberals LOVE Palin, This is GREAT NEWS for them.
Chris Matthews et al love Palin. They love her because she casuse the right to lose elections.
LOL.... Democrats LOVE Palin.
She would lose by the widest margin in history.
Not after his Obama romance. No thank you. Cc is dead in the GOP
Romney is even now a better candidate than anyone we have for 2016. If you don't understand that you don't understand why we lost.
John, once again you show why you shouldn't give up your day job. At least you got this one half right. Christie would be a horrible choice for 2016 after his bromsnce with Obama. Christie might as well change to being a member of the Democratic party. As for Mitt Romney, he was the only candidate that had any chance of defeating Obama. And Romney almost pulled it off. He lost by a narrow margin in 4 states. The rest of the field would have lost by the largest margin in history to Obama. Obama was never going to be easy to defeat and extremist like you made Romney a weaker candidate by making move so far right on social issues. The only argument we could defeat Obama was the economy. Romney was the perfect candidate for that issue.
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