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Yet another in a long line of events in which the Democrat party was on the wrong side of history.
Include the increase in price of everyday items like groceries, gas, fast food and people would overwhelmingly vote to decrease minimum wage.
Yes, I think Marxism is radical.
This is not a game played by typical teenagers. It's perpetrated by thugs. I hate when these types of punks are held up as every day kids - they're not.
There's also a no drug policy - I'd be curious to find out how quick they are to enforce this policy with expulsion.
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Married to the State

Mike ATX Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 12:56 PM
If that were true, 20 something males would be paying a 1/2 of what a 20 something female is paying, and 1/100 of what a 60 year old is paying. I challenge you to get quotes for these three persons and reconcile the cost of each to the statement you made above.
Maybe she supports Texas secession and assumes Houston will be one of the states of Texas.
Which pinpoints one of the primary deficiencies of government facilitated healthcare - nobody is responsible, it's always somebody eases fault.
Because you normally file your tax return before Jan 21st? Typical liberal liar.
Wrong again dummy. The shutdown was in Oct - the jobs numbers were from Sept - and the private sectors knows full and well all shutdowns have been temporary and all government employees receive full back-pay.
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