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More liberal lies; 'you could support a family of 4 on a minimum wage job in the 1960's.' False - min wage was $1.00 at the beginning of the decade, $1.60 at the end. Gross income before taxes withheld each month would be $268.80.
ericynot1 - La is highest because of one city. Want to guess which city, and what the demographics are in that city?
She doesn't like them so she's running for office on their ticket? Goodness you're slow.
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Why Did Costco Label Bible as Fiction?

Mike ATX Wrote: Nov 19, 2013 12:12 PM
You're missing the point.
People like you make me laugh, you're so ignorant of what hunting is or isn't, yet your ignorant beliefs make you feel so smug. I bet you sleep well knowing you haven't killed any 'innocent' animals.
Tell you what, go pet one of these 'domesticated' lions and let us know how that turns out.
A hunter doesn't need your reasoning to justify their hunting. You're being ignorant and narrow minded.
I think he was referring to dealing with the house of representatives and their gerrymandering districts. It's still a stupid analogy and pathetic excuse for the massive ACA failures.
Yet another in a long line of events in which the Democrat party was on the wrong side of history.
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