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Romney needs to attack with the facts . . . period . . . All these polls have been "cooked"
Why should it surprise anyone that the administration attempts to BRIBE the contractors to disobey the law. Whenever they get caught doing anything. They just shrug, grin, and say what's the problem? Everyone does it. And of course obama doesn't know anything about it . . . .
Stop Asking Questions . . . at least untill NOV 7 . . . RIGHT
how about if we could see any of obama's records . . .
are these from the progressive "crib sheet" or can you back it up with documentable facts (if so then do it).
you got that right
ROTFL . . . now they are going to vet someone. Nobody was that fired up to vet obama. This has got to be the height of hypocrisy.
Even if Trumka were made of it, he still couldn't be more full of it.
Professional politicians are usually interested in only one thing, and that is what is best for them. Not what is best for this country. Which is ironic because they take an oath to defend the Constitution. I wonder how many of them have actually read the Constitution or any of the founding documents. The problem with both parties right now is that they are infested with Progressive Liberals. The Democratic party being the worst. But the Republican party is also infected. Can they be eradicated? Only time will tell. Maybe what Roberts did was genius. It bothers me because there are to many "ifs" in the equation. We have people who don't seem to have a moral compass will do anything to win an election. They are capable of anything.
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Why Isn't Rubio Being Vetted for VP?

Mike_Houston Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 7:33 PM
The biggest problem with Rubio as VP is that he is NOT a "Natural Born" citizen. And until they get this "issue" cleared up it will continue to be a constitutional crisis. This is the 800 lb gorilla in the room that NOBODY wants to touch.
and the people are supposed to believe it because it is on a government website? Trust but Verify . . . kind of hard to do with the current crop of politicians (and their trolls on the web/media)
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