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This Politically Correct vocabulary is BS. They didn't "fib", they "LIED".
I agree Barbara109. The best way to deal with someone like him is to ignore him
You can't have a rational discussion with progressive/liberal trolls like PenDaHua and his aliases. So don't try, just ignore them. When you do this watch what their response is. I love the tolerant left , , , ROTFL
Everytime I think I've seen it all. Something like this pops up. And a lot of people wonder why our country is in trouble. Show a Bible, Cross or (heaven forbid) a Christmas Tree and look at the reaction of the progressive/liberal"/tollerant" left wing idiots. If "we the people" don't start drawing a line in the sand somewhere . . . God help us
tar and feathers for all of them
They wouldn't know what a professional journalist was. This has gone way pased what we used to refer to"yellow journalism"
I guess we all need to take a cue from nancy pelosi. We need to pass "it" (you decide what it is:) so we can find out what is inside. These people are "our leaders" . . . God help us ! ! !
This is the same group that: a) Wants to bypass Congress and have a blank spending check b) Hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years Even the "democrats" on the hill wouldn't vote for the presidents proposed budget c) Want the Republicans to authorize increased taxing, with the promise of spending cuts "sometime in the future" We the people should "trust" them/him based on what? As bad as what Bush gave us in 8 years. obama has doubled it in only 4 years (of course he promised to cut it in half when he campaigned in 2008). People closed their eyes and ears to what he was when they voted him in in 2008. What's their excuse for 2012? Politicians are a lot like diapers. Both need to be changed often, and for the same reason.
Maybe he'll swap out Biden for Hillery :)
True . . . but there are a lot of "useful idiots" out there. Both in the public and in the media.
Romney needs to attack with the facts . . . period . . . All these polls have been "cooked"
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