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Unfortunately, this guy will be eating his words when a Republican is in office and the jihadists keep coming. Like the Israeli's, it's a new way of life. The jihadist's will continue to come, and our job will be to kill them. With that said, the Second Amendment is even more important.
Okay, I don't think that soldiers are pussies, but the Army is. I wouldn't join the Army because they can't stand for what is right.
Agreed. I have not been a registered Republican since before the last general election when they gave us Romney. I liked him as a person and family man but he is no conservative. Not even close. So I figured since they won't listen to our voices, they may listen to my party affiliations and votes.
I kept yelling, he's an enemy of the state. And they kept yelling, oh, he'll make a great president. I say the only think he'll make is a great poster child for the fight against obesity. I like how he handled his states fiscal issues and the unions. Beyond that, I like nothing about him.
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No Gun Licenses for Marathon Bombers

Mike933 Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 9:58 AM
Wait just one minute. If they didn't have gun permits, was the story of a shoot out with police fabricated? It doesn't make sense. They could not have been armed.
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In Defense of Chris Christie

Mike933 Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 6:44 PM
No FAT chance from me. And yes, puns intended. He is a big FAT rhino. If he ever gets the nod, I'll vomit his weight in puke, and that's a lot of puke.
Agree completely. And I don't think they should be restricting calories. Truth is, in healthy foods, it's hard to eat to many calories because it sticks with you longer. If you ate nothing but foods that had a low glycemic value, you'd be hard pressed to get fat. I mean, you'd really have to work at it. Simple foods, unprocessed. Minimal ingredients. One, two or three ingredient foods. Fresh foods. Chicken nuggets, NOT! Heck, pizza can even be good for you. Chocolate or strawberry milk? Really? All sugar with very little nutritional value. Let the kids eat for sure, but make the choices we PROVIDE, healthy choices. No junk food in school.
I am hard core conservative and I'm just a bit confused here. Schools historically have been feeding kids nothing but junk processed food. If you want to call it food. In my opinion, schools should only be offering foods that promote health. Nothing else. If you want your kids to eat junk, send them to school with junk. And you all wonder why obesity is becoming a huge problem in this country. I'm not about control one bit, eat what you want to eat. Schools feeding kids food that is unhealthy is the same as providing kids cigarettes as far as I'm concerned.
Oh man. He'll never do that again now will he?
http://www.gunreports.com/news/handguns/FBI-Firearms-Violent-Crime-Statistics_807-1.html Thats a link to facts, not fiction. Heres another fact. Each year more than 45,000 people die in alchohol related automobile accidents. Wheres the effort to rid the country of alchohol? Oh yeah, people like drinking. So lets see, if its something you like, it's tolerable. If its something you don't enjoy, say shooting sports or even weapons that look mean, get rid of them.
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