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Election Results Show Egypt's Shallow Spring

Mike889 Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:27 AM
In the case of the Egyptian populace, they lose either way. If Shafiq wins, then it's pretty much business as usual, and civil unrest will likely start up again with the killing of thousands of civilians much like is happening in Syria today. And, Israel may become the convenient target to draw the World's attention away from their internal affairs. If Mursi wins, then Sharia law will ensue and they move backwards to the Stone Age again. One is a military ruler (dictator) and the other is an Islamic hard-line extremist. And, not only will Egypt suffer, so will, potentially, the entire Western World and it becomes another base of support for international terrorism. One could be the catalyst for causing the Middle East to go to war.

Egypt: Comment: The elections are in danger of provoking a political disaster. The final results will be available on 29 May, but the vast majority of polling stations apparently were free to announce their results without having to wait for the official tally and have done so. The unofficial results are not credible and indicate the election was rigged.

Apparently fewer than 45% of the registered voters participated in the most significant election in Egyptian history. That figure is lower than the numbers who voted...