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Joycey, this is evil in the purist sense, as in demonic evil straight from the pit of Hell. Can there be anything more hideous than the beheading of innocent children in front of their families, then cackling like Satanic beings? I'm a retired Army officer. I never anything closely approaching what the World is witnessing today.
You express so eloquently what I feel, Joycey. We say without true understanding, "God bless America." God HAS blessed America! And, we fail to understand that. People, it is time for US to bless God, not the other way around. We are so ensnared by PC, Diversity, Inclusion, et al, that we no longer believe E Pluribus Unum, rather we now promote E Unum Pluribus. We are so fragmented today that I see little hope of ever being truly the United States of America again. There is strength in unity; diversity will ensure our destruction from within. What was up is down. What was down is up. What was black is white. What was white is black. What was truth is relative. Everything Holy is now laughed at. It is time for all Christians to get their lives in order. Surely our Lord Jesus is near.
At the time W sent us into Iraq, I supported him. However, I realize now that the only thing that war created was a vacuum and destabilized the Middle East, allowing Iran to gain the upper hand after decades of stalemate with Iraq. Now we have the biggest mess since WWII Nazism. These animals are irrational. You can't negotiate with them, as dying a martyr's death is considered something to pursue. The only solution to this situation is to kill every last ISIS SOB possible. Let "Allah" sort it out. I have a feeling that those vestal virgins waiting for them are Satan's demons in eternal Hell. Let's help them get there.
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Our New Chief Diversity Officer

Mike889 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 11:33 PM
E pluribus unum, or E unum pluribus? From many one, or from one many? We used to be a great nation made up of many different peoples from all over the World who were willing to give up their claim being unique or special, for putting on the mantel of an American. Despite their differences, they became one. There is strength in that model. The lunacy of diversity and inclusion is that we now celebrate our differences at the expense of our national unity to the point where we are a terribly fragmented society . . . there is no unity any longer. We are now many little nations and cultures at war with each other. The rest of the World watches in amazement as we continue to implode. We cry out for God to bless America. Why? He already did bless us greatly, and we shot Him the bird and told Him to get out of our lives. God doesn't stay where He's not welcome. We should be blessing God, not the other way around. Wake up America before it is too late. Professor Adams is right on the mark, and he's very brave for standing up in the face of the Evil One and spitting in his face. Our universities are bastions of neo-Marxism designed to turn us into God-hating, empty minded, sycophants following the Pied Piper of deception. We're willingly leaping over the cliff to our doom, and we're celebrating all the way down to the abyss. Bless you, Mike Adams!!!!
Be careful folks, you're going to really tick off Dennis Rodman, and all our diplomacy with Pyongyang will be for naught. He might even add another tattoo and nose ring.
About the time I think this administration has hit an all-time low, another low is achieved. If you want to know the truth, just listen to Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, and Kerry, then reverse it. You'll have the truth. I am still in shock by the radical shift to the left this bunch of Marxists have been able to accomplish in a little more than six years. Can we survive the next two? RINOs are not going to make a positive difference, either. I served for 22 1/2 years as an Army officer. This is not the same nation I served to protect. Sad.
Why not both?
Ohhhhhhh, what difference does it make? :-)
No, you forgot, Obama is the chief liar.
Yes, but Curly was funny and harmless. Rice is neither funny nor harmless.
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